Tuesday, August 2, 2011

About Me in 2011

These blogs are a hobby of mine. I have a history of updating them in spurts, and taking long unannounced breaks when other projects come up. There are a number of posts on the backburner right now, but I just haven’t had the time to write them out.

This year, 2011, started with a number of challenges for us. We returned from our Christmas visit to the US, only to find that we had to make some quick adjustments.

We found out that we had to move from our apartment and in short order. We prepared and moved into a house in a nearby neighborhood. Our son’s afternoon preschool closed down, so we enrolled him in a new preschool near our new place. We had to make a significant change in our budget and so we reduced it by a third and I started working teaching English again.

Though we have been planning to move to the US for a while now, our church search process has taken longer than we expected. We’ve come close, but God guided us in others directions. Following His lead, we have set a definitive date to move to the US even if that means moving without a church position. We are still watching for God’s assignment there.

In the meantime, there is much to do here. Loaise continues to run and manage her company, and plan for our transition. I am preparing to travel to a few different places in Brazil and lead training workshops this year. I am helping a local church to learn the ropes of starting daughter churches in nearby neighborhoods, and assisting its pastor and deacons in better organizing the church’s committee structure. I continue to teach Bible storying and oral discipleship methods in this city.

Those of you who know me, know of my challenges with hearing. I was born with hearing impairment and have used a hearing aid for 30 years. Even so, I have been able to learn other languages and work effectively in ministry and missions. Most of the time I don’t remember I am hearing impaired.

This year, I learned that I could receive a cochlear implant and hearing rehab through the Brazilian One Health System. I had never considered this surgery in the past, as it was both extremely expensive and indicated only for my hearing ear. This would mean destroying the hearing I already had.

Technology has advanced. I can now receive an implant for my deaf ear instead. By using both my health insurance and the One Health System, I can have this surgery without charge, and in my own city! This could significantly improve my hearing range and comprehension, and there is no risk to my hearing as it is now. What a blessing!

We continue to work hard in mission and ministry in Jesus name. There are many who need to hear, and many who need to follow. We are working steadily on transition as well. I also have a number of online projects that I will be revealing in the coming months. We continue to talk with churches in Louisiana, mostly in the Baton Rouge area, and believe that God has been preparing a church for us, as he also prepares us.

Where ever you live, continue to serve God, doing the hard work of evangelism and disciple making to the glory of Jesus. We are coworkers in his Kingdom.

Keep watching this blog and my others as I will be bringing new blog articles and updates.




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