Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beyond Outreach

I am a 33 year old missionary and have been in Brazil for nearly 8 years. Prior to this I served in a large metropolitan church and in a small country church. My family and I are now preparing to move back to the US, near the Baton Rouge area, waiting as the Lord leads and provides an opportunity for us there.

Without losing sight of the church planting work we’re doing here (see my Chronological Bible Storying Journal), I wanted to begin this blog as a way to “think out loud” about how to sucessfully obey the command of Jesus to make disciples.

In American culture, Christianity is declining. This blog will focus specifically on what the typical American evangelical church can start doing or stop doing in order to make a greater impact for the Kingdom of God.

There are already many bloggers out there writing about the state of the church in America today, about evangelism and outreach, and about making disciples. I will likely refer often to other people’s writings and will include hyperlinks so you can read them for yourselves.

Here’s a thought:

If you’re going to reach people that others don’t,
you will have to do things that others won’t.

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