Monday, April 4, 2011

Daily Evangelism

The best evangelists I know are not pastors or preachers. They are not ordained. They are not very good public speakers. They are not “leaders” in the business sense of the word. Most of them work full time jobs, but they are lower-middle class at best.


What separates these evangelists from the rest of the pack, including me, is that they can not have a conversation about anything without including Jesus. Before the third sentence about anything and usually in the first, thanks is given to God. Before a conversation ends, there is an, offer, suggestion or even command to pray. Their vocabulary is peppered with words like blessed, love, God, Jesus, repent, forgive, pray, good, can you?, would you?, need, must, help, hurry.


Most of these evangelist have a quirk or something in their personality that either rubs people the wrong way or the right way. There is not much in between. These people are not apathetic about anything and to them everyone is valuable.  For them, everyone is living out a decision to follow or reject God, there is no middle ground.


I want to be more like these people.


Questions like, “Did you share Jesus with someone this week?” or “Have you ever led anyone to Christ?” are very low-bar questions for these kinds of evangelists.  They are like “Did you pray this week?” or “Have you ever read part of the Bible?” The thought is that it is pretty pathetic if you have to answer no and answering yes is nothing to boast about.


This is what is really meant by lifestyle evangelism.

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