Monday, June 20, 2011

Pastors, Look Here!

Okay, now that I’ve got your attention, I want to point you to a wonderful resource. Joe McKeever is the retired Director of Missions of the Baptist Association of Greater New Orleans. He is very active preaching and blogging.

Dr. McKeever’s blog is full of more good, Godly and practical advice for pastors and ministers than I have found in any other place. Here are just some of his articles that I have found interesting, helpful and challenging.

Ten Foundational Principles to Tell Your People Again and Again - If you have pastored for more than four or five years, or if you are in your second (or more) pastorate, you have learned the hard way that saying something one time to your people does not suffice. Some lessons--the most important ones, particularly--have to be said again and again.

The Trap That Snares Assistant Pastors – Church leaders told the preacher, "From now on, when you see you're going to be out of town, there's no need to bring in guest preachers. Joe can handle it." And that's when it began to happen. That snare that traps all assistant pastors at one time or the other began to be set for me.

Dealing With The Preacher-Eaters in the Pews - Pity the new pastor who walks into a church unprepared to deal with carnal leaders who enjoy their power positions and cannot wait to let the new minister know who's in charge.

Why I'm Angry At Some Preachers - You've heard them, I'm sure. Some well-intentioned but thoughtless man of God stands before a gathering of the Lord's people and in urging us to evangelize our communities will overstate the case. “Jesus told us to become fisher’s of men! He did not tell us to be keepers of the aquarium!”

Twenty Things I Wish I Had Known As A Young Pastor - I found this list the other day, written perhaps a dozen years ago. As a veteran of 42 years in the pastorate, I have made my share of mistakes and have compiled a lengthy list of regrets.

What To Tell A Hurting Church - One of the best parts of serving as a Director of Missions for a Baptist association is that churches in trouble call on you for assistance. That's also one of the worst aspects of the job.

The Ultimate Phobia: Why Christians Fear to Witness - Why are good, normal, otherwise confident Christian people scared to death of knocking on a door? I think I know, and it's not just that we don't know what to do or don't love the Lord enough or lack holiness. Sorry, Henry Blackaby, my dear brother. I think it's something else.

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